Hear it first

9 Фебруар 2009

Hello again - sorry it's been so long, but the Cantorion team have been very busy making the site more useful to more people! So this is just a quick update on what's new and what we're working on for the future...

New features:

  • You can now listen to recordings of pieces as well as downloading the sheet music. We're adding the recordings piece by piece so only the most popular ones have this feature so far. (Check out Für Elise and The Entertainer.)
  • We've now launched Cantorion in nine languages. If you'd like us to launch the site in your language do contact us.

For the future:

  • We're working on a huge upheaval of Cantorion's structure. At the core will be a database of every piece of Western Classical Music ever written (or at least a database tending towards this end as it grows and grows ad infinitum). We'll aim to make public domain sheet music available for as many of these pieces as possible, adding recordings along the way.
  • Of course, this'll be a ginormous task for the current team alone, so we'd like eventually to open the site up to allow more user contribution.
  • For the performers among you we'll also be tying the pieces in more closely to the concert pages, so your uploaded concert will appear on the homepage of each piece in your programme.

Other news