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27 Октобар 2008

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting Cantorion, requesting music, and sending us messages of general encouragement!

As ever, Cantorion is developing, and our latest feature is for all the working musicians among you: you can now sign up to Cantorion and create your own personal web-page. Read on...

What you get:

  • A profile page displaying your biography, photograph and professional info, compositions and forthcoming concerts.
  • An optional messaging service so people can contact you through Cantorion.
  • The ability to upload your compositions and arrangements to the Cantorion library. You can create an information page about each piece, and your works will be listed on your profile page.
  • The ability to advertise your concerts and performances of your works. You can create a page about each concert, displaying general information, a photo, a map, etc. The concerts will be listed on your profile page.

Why it's better than making your own website from scratch:

  • Cantorion attracts a lot more visitors than most personal sites - very important if you're advertising concerts, teaching, etc.
  • It's completely free. We don't charge you for anything.
  • It's much easier - you can edit your details whenever you like without having to phone 'the guy who does your website'.
  • If you already have a website, you can still sign up to Cantorion, reap all Cantorion's benefits, and link to your other site through your profile page.

Why it's better than using a social networking site:

  • It can get rather embarrassing having to keep referring professional contacts to Facebook.
  • Cantorion is a classical music website, run by musicians who understand what their fellow musicians need. All this is kept in mind as we plan future developments. (We're still working it out, but ideas for the future include a searchable concert diary, self-publishing through Cantorion, selling tickets ad CDs through Cantorion, uploading sound files, and more.)

Just click here to register.

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