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Recenzije Bolero in C major/A major Клавир

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Bolero in C major/A major Клавир Rating: 1.00 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
    • The notation in this sheet music doesn't actually match up with the 3/8 time frame. In fact it caused my CakeWalk program to regurgitate a very very fast sour and bizarre performance. Especially so on page 4, where when you count up the beats per measure you've got entire blocks of 16th notes that would physically have to take up several measures in 3/8 time occupying a single measure. While as a performer you can ignore the 3/8 meter This makes it very difficult to program.

      now I did notice the notation at the upper left stating 88. for an extended note, I might just set the measures to lengthened duration in order to fit a proper notation while programming it into the computer.

      Something is just definitely wrong about this particular sheet music. Computers can't lie, and my computer was giving me the business over it.

    • Kevin Conner · 6 Јануар 2010