Модест Мусоргски

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky


Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (Russian: Модест Петрович Мусоргский; IPA: ; 21 March  1839 – 28 March  1881) was a Russian composer, one of the group known as "The Five". He was an innovator of Russian music in the romantic period. He strove to achieve a uniquely Russian musical identity, often in deliberate defiance of the established conventions of Western music.
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Modest Mússorgski, Modest Petrovič Musorgskij, bg:Модест Мусоргски, da:Modest Mussorgskij, de:Modest Petrowitsch Mussorgski, et:Modest Mussorgski, eo:Modest Petroviĉ Musorgskij, eu:Modest Musorgski, fr:Modeste Moussorgski, ko:모데스트 무소륵스키, hr:Modest Petrovič Musorgski, it:Modest Petrovič Musorgskij, he:מודסט מוסורגסקי, ka:მოდესტ მუსორგსკი, la:Modestus Musorgski, lt:Modestas Musorgskis, hu:Mogyeszt Petrovics Muszorgszkij, nl:Modest Moessorgski, ja:モデスト・ムソルグスキー, no:Modest Musorgskij, pl:Modest Musorgski, ro:Modest Petrovici Musorgski, ru:Модест Петрович, Мусоргский, sk:Modest Petrovič Musorgskij, sl:Modest Petrovič Musorgski, sr:Модест Мусоргски, fi:Modest Musorgski, sv:Modest Musorgskij, tr:Modest Musorgksi, uk:Мусоргський Модест Петрович, zh:莫杰斯特·彼得罗维奇·穆索尔斯基